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This fresh-faced lad is Michael E. Campbell, after his arrest in 2003 alleging theft in Colorado:

Michael Campbell 2003 Mug ShotMichael Campbell 2003 Mug Shot

My, how things progress with time! Just a few tattoos are just never enough. We think this is the same Michael E. Campbell, after an arrest for robbery in California in 2004, when he traveled to Modoc County for the Rainbow Family gathering:

Michael Campbell 2004 Mug Shot

By 2008, Campbell, then 33, was arrested again. He has a few more tattoos, none more impressive than the polka-dot bow tie:

Michael Campbell 2008 Mug ShotMichael Campbell 2008 Mug Shot

We couldn't get any details on the nature of his 2008 arrest, but at this time he is housed in the Colorado State Penitentiary. He is expected to be released in March of 2010 (see update below).

We also have his official prison mug shot:

Michael Campbell Prison Mug Shot

We speak for all Coloradans when we say, We can't wait until he's released from prison....

Sources: London Telegraph (I know: go figure!), the Klamath Falls Herald News, and the Colorado Dept. of Corrections


As of October 2010, Campbell is still in prison, his parole revoked through at least March 2011. While they were at it, the prison released this updated mug shot, which shows off his bow tie nicely:

Michael Campbell Prison Mug Shot

Most Recent Comments

Posted by Brad, Ohio on February 20, 2010:

About the bow tie vs. skull with spiderweb wings debate, I'm going to say both. The pattern in no way looks like spiderwebs, nor am I convinced that those are wings and not just a bow tie. However, if you zoom in on the official prison mug shot, you can clearly see that the circular middle of the bow tie is in fact a skull.

Posted by Steve from Lafayette, CO on July 1, 2010:

What a lifetime loser.

I'd say it's probably harder for him to get a job doing anything legitimate at this point with all those stupid tattoos on his face as it would be for me to get a job as CEO of Google tomorrow.

What can someone who ruins themselves like that ever do legitimate for a living? He should spend the rest of his life in jail just because he's made such a permanent, lifetime loser commitment out of his own face.

For God sake, we should stop resisting people like this by throwing him back out on the street and just oblige him. Only the most thick-headed retard would resist the idea he's trying to hammer through to you, that he's evil incarnate, that he's permanently committed to harm. Throw away the key.

Posted by eileen in san jose, ca on July 27, 2010:

Steve from Lafayette: I know this guy isn't in my state, but I do have relatives in CO who resent supporting Mike and his cohorts in prison. It's probably good that they're not out and about, but having hard-working taxpayers pay for them to live is not a good solution either. Maybe the bleeding hearts could pay for tat removal and brain remodeling so they could become contributory citizens.

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