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Mario Duane Porter, who turns 21 today, was pulled over in Gainesville, Fla., on February 9 for a traffic violation (police say his car stereo was audible from quite a distance away).

Porter quickly put the cops on alert as he "was being belligerent and vulgar, yelling profanities," Officer David Blizzard said.

A back-up officer arrived who had a police dog, and he had the dog sniff around the car to check for drugs. When Porter saw that, he allegedly commanded the dog to "Sit!" (and, weirdly, to "Sits!") The dog, confused, "stopped twice while walking the vehicle and looking in the direction of [Porter] who was giving those commands," Blizzard's report says.

Once the officers got Porter to shut up, the dog continued, and sure enough the dog alerted to drugs. A subsequent search of the car found a plastic bag with alleged marijuana residue. Porter was arrested and charged with interrupting a working police dog.

Mario Porter Mug Shot

Happy birthday, dumbass.

Source: Gainesville Sun

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Posted by John, Illinois on February 21, 2010:

John in Brussels: Thank goodness for the laws in the USA. If it weren't for the laws in our society things would be as bad or worse than they are in your country where I assume it is okay for young men to drive irratically with loud radios while transporting drugs in various amounts.

Posted by Shell, Georgia on March 7, 2010:

Y'all are giving this punk waaaaay too much credit for intellect. Obviously none of you have ever dealt with black people who talk like morons in an attempt to be "authentically" black. I call it the "unnecessary plural". Ghetto types, and those who want to sound like they're from the ghetto, will put an extraneous "s" on the end of words:

"I gots to go." Pretty basic.

"Who you thinks you is?" A real brainbuster to try to figure out.

One I overheard at a store - A man was buying a copy of the movie "Bait" and showed it to his friend. The friend said, "Oh yeah, 'Baits". Dat's a good one."

And thus in the above case, "Sits!"

The same people will leave off an "s" when it's called for in plural possessive, action words, or contractions: "That Dontario car." "He think he smart." "What the name of that place we went to last night?"

There's also "backward sentence construction" - Man to a friend at the gas station when he can't remember which pump he got his gas from: "What pump that was?"

Using words in direct reverse of their meaning - Young woman at Home Depot to a co-worker who was looking for a third co-worker, "She outside bringin' her break."

And to forestall the calls of "RACIST!" - I've lived in and near Atlanta and been around black people pretty much all my life. No, not all black people sound like that, just the dumbasses. If you haven't spent that much time around the type, don't call me a racist for stating the truth.

Posted by Dani, MD on July 9, 2010:

@John in Brussels - It is against the law in most places to play your car radio loud enough to be heard more than a certain distance; I think (don't quote me) it is twenty feet. The reason for this is that the noise (can't really call it music) makes it difficult for other drivers to hear emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances. That was Mr. Porter's actual offense.

To most people, a residue in a package would indicate there was originally more of the same - potato chip crumbs (crisps) would indicate the bag had once been full of chips. Marijuana residue would lead one to believe there had been more in the bag to begin with.

And a police dog is effectively a police officer. When an officer walks casually around your car, you don't tell him to stop, or yell obscenities, etc., unless you are looking for trouble - or are afraid of what he will find.

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